ANGUS Group offers a complete Consulting

for breeding, fattening and trading

of Angus cattle


ANGUS Group offers a profitable Consulting for breeding, fattening and marketing of Angus cattle. Our service includes the organization of transport, logistics, transfer and trade of live cattle and genetics. Our medium-term goal is to build a Europe-wide network across the entire Angus chain – production.


Within our consulting service, we offer:



We see the Angus breed as the future to tap new markets. By focusing on fattening from grass, we want to use grasslands sustainably, for the production of quality beef.


Why Aberdeen Angus?


Aberdeen Angus is purely a beef breed. The animals are very robust and easy to handle, so they are ideally suited for fattening from grass. The Angus breed offers fleshy, fine-boned carcasses. In addition, the beef is of excellent quality, suited for trading in top restaurants and upscale retail.


The ANGUS Group


ANGUS Group was founded in 2010 by Bernhard Delle and Samuel Widmer. Both have many years of experience in cattle breeding and the international meat marketing. Together with a skilled team of farmers, breeders and master butchers ANGUS Group offers you the know-how for the entire production chain of Premium ANGUS Beef, on all levels.