Angus Beef – Worldwide Valued Quality Beef


Angus is a purely a beef breed, which is characterized by tender boned and fleshy carcasses. These features provide the beef with outstanding qualities: tasty and fine-fibred, tender and well marbled.


Characteristics of quality Angus Beef


  • Marbled and tender beef.
  • High slaughter yield and varied processing methods.
  • Fleshy and tender-boned carcasses.
  • Tasty and tender meat chunks.


Good marketing potential


Angus Beef is Steak Beef – with the appropriate marketing potential through higher revenues. Currently we observe a change in attitude among customers towards greater awareness of quality: good beef may also cost something. The current demand for premium beef exceeds by far its supply.


From grass to beef


With the branded meat program “Certified Angus Beef Germany” we meet exactly this demand. The future of sustainable and efficient quality beef production is based on extensive grasslands, where a good meat intake can be achieved with pasture grass. Added value is achieved only with special commercial exploitation.


Supply agreements with strong partners


The hindquarters produced in the branded meat program are sold in restaurants and retail outlets. For the rest of the pieces we have developed with our partner OSI Group the Angus hamburger line, in which 100 percent of the forequarters are being processed.