„Certified Angus Beef Germany“ – the first branded meat program for Angus cattle


That a branded meat program can work in Germany, proves the Angus Group when launching its’ program “Certified Angus Beef Germany” in 2011. The European model for the marketing of Angus Beef is the certification system of Angus cattle from Ireland and Scotland. Under the trademark “Certified ANGUS Beef Germany” we from ANGUS Group offer high quality branded beef in Germany – associated with a functional trading system, demanding admission criteria and a reliable control system on all stages of production.


Quality control on all stages


Quality beef from farm to fork is our philosophy. The principle is: The Angus cattle must be born, fattened and slaughtered in Germany. We have developed an Angus standard (breeding principles) based on the quality assurance system and certified by the Fleischprüfring Bavaria. All interested operations must fill out an application form for admission, followed by an inspection for reception by the Prüfring.


The branded meat program at a glance


Cattle husbandry


  • Cattle with at least 51% Angus-share.
  • Breeding through registered top bulls or controlled bull semen.
  • Certification/control of companies in accordance with QS – system and ANGUS-system.
  • Each animal receives an ANGUS certificate from farm which has 100% traceability.


Beef production


  • Extensive grazing mast.
  • Achieving the optimal level of fat and marbling of the carcasses.
  • Slaughter weight Bulls: 320 to 400 kg (Fat cover 3/4).
  • Slaughter weight Heifers: 260 to 340 kg (Fat cover 3/4).
  • Each carcass is recorded by an ANGUS certificate and has 100 % traceability.




  • Sales of precious pieces in high-quality retail and high gastronomy restaurants.

  • Forequarters are processed to ANGUS hamburgers.

  • Premium price for higher fat content.