Certified Partner Companies –

Transparency throughout the system


With transparency and frankness we respond to the increased expectations of customers and consumers. Only then can we ensure confidence in our product. The certification allows us and our partner companies quality control at every stage of production and traceability of the beef. Certified partners of the Angus-branded meat program benefit from a promising and profitable market niche – the production of premium beef.


Producers requirements


1. Approval criteria of Angus animals


  • Angus animals (weaners m./f., Heifers/Bulls) including registered top bulls.
  • Each animal receives from the production stage to fattening stage an Angus-certificate with 100% traceability.


2. Certification


  • Certification / control of the companies, by QS-system and Angus audit (traceability) on the occasion of the regular QS- check-ups.


3. Special feeding requirements


  • First of all roughage.
  • Supplementary feeding in the finishing stage.
  • In the final fattening phase straw accommodation desired.


4. Animals for fattening and beef production


  • The carcasses have ​​an optimal level of fat and marbling.
  • Each carcass will be registered on Angus-certificate and have 100% traceability.
  • Certified Angus beef, marbled and tender meat parts and cut pieces for each quality demand.
  • The forequarters are processed into Angus hamburgers and the precious pieces are sold in quality market.


5. Germany-wide trading


5.1. Transfer Requirements for Angus animals



Angus Young Bulls

Angus Heifers


Angus (Code 41/42)

Angus (Code 41/42)





QS- and Angus-Certificate

QS- and Angus-Certificate


max. 24 months

max. 28 months

Slaughter Weight

320 kg – 400 kg

260 – 340 kg

Conformation of Flesh Rate



Fat Level Rate

3/4 (Price Basis 2)

3/4 (Price Basis 3)


> 5,9

> 5,9


0.20 EUR/kg

0.30 EUR/kg


5.2. Angus crossbreeding


  • Typical only Angus bulls/heifers with 51% Angus share and code 97 on the passport can only be admitted if produced by a Herdbok Angus bull or cow and is provable with pedigree and signature of the weaner producer.
  • Features: typical Angus head and frame, red or dark color, polled.


5.3. Price formation


  • Weekly listing of published Bavarian base price (in € / kg carcass weight excluding VAT), to understand the Franco slaughterhouse.
  • The entire requirement undertaking applies only as long as the QS – status and the Angus certification are valid.
  • Contractual guaranteed sales / charges as in the branded meat program “Certified Angus Beef Germany” agreed prices.


Download ANGUS GROUP Producer Requirements