Breeding Angus cattle –

Very good quality with low production costs


Our Angus system is based on the cooperation with partner companies. We therefore use at a high level the expertise of our partner companies for the breeding and fattening. Angus breed offers a lot of advantages for the breeders: The robust Angus cattle from extensive grazing have a good beef conformation with minimum care. This is a clear competitive advantage in an era where good management decisions, low production costs and high quality is critical for the success of cattle breeding.


Convenient pasture mast – From Grass to Beef


Beef from pasture mast meets the demands of modern consumers, and Angus cattle are ideally suited for fattening cattle on grass. The rugged Angus cattle are very easy to care for and show an optimal usage of roughage. As a breeder, you can reduce the cost-intensive additional feeding of concentrates. Grass finishing is simple to manage and is significant saving compared to fattening in a conventional housed system.


Appropriate location and market-based genetics


For pure breeding and commercial production herds sophisticated production techniques are just as essential as site-adapted and market-based genetics. In order to ensure the performance security we focus on thoroughbred cattle families. Selection is based on the global gene pool of Aberdeen Angus breed. For all stages of production, we offer you our Angus know-how.


Relocation of production to Eastern Europe

Whether Hungary, Romania or Ukraine – the countries of Eastern Europe offer excellent potential for the breeding of quality cattle. In many countries there is a high proportion of grassland in the agricultural area, land prices are low compared with Western Europe and the average wages as well. These favorable conditions lead to an increasing shift in animal production in these countries. The Angus Group has recognized this trend and has built a network of contacts with producers in various countries.


Overview of the Angus Breeding



Characteristics of the Angus breed


  • Coat color: red or black.
  • Hornless cattle breed.
  • Good milk production allows for a quick weight gain of calves.
  • Precocious: age at first mating 14-15 months (at minimum 350 kg.).
  • Age at first calving 24-27 months.
  • Fertility: 1 calf per year with a gestation period of 9 months.
  • Calving ease.
  • Weaning of calves after 8-10 months.
  • High daily weight gain through extensive feeding: 1000-1300g/day.
  • Weight: Bulls: 800-1000 kg; cows: 550-700 kg



Robust and easy to care for animals – our common goal



  • Very robust and adaptable to extreme temperatures, resists between -40 °C to +40 °C.
  • Balanced and medium-build types (energy-smart-cattle).
  • Fertile, easy-care cows with high milk yield (easy-handling-cow).
  • Early age at first calving and long life expectancy.
  • Naturally a very good growth and carcass performance.