ANGUS-Breeding principles –

Economic breeding and top genetics


Breeding of Angus cattle is a core part of our Angus system. We are very closely interlinked with partner companies, to make production as efficient as possible. When breeding, we are guided by established principles similar system as in Scotland or Ireland, where the Angus breed has a long tradition.


Our breeding goals


  • Medium-frame, easy to feed types (energy-smart cattle)
  • Fertile cows with high milk yield
  • Fitness and vitality of cow and calf
  • Easy-to-care cows (claw, temper) – easy-handling-cow
  • Weaning, when the calf has reached at least 50% of live weight of the mother


Outstanding results for us and our customers


We want to breed healthy and fertile cattle that show a rapid growth and have on the one hand excellent carcass and on the other hand show good fertility features. The cattle has to bring outstanding results for us and our customers in order to achieve a premium price on the market.


Careful selection of genetics


For pure breeding and commercial production herds, sophisticated production techniques are just as essential as site-adapted and market-based genetics. In order to ensure the performance security we focus on thoroughbred cattle families with good weight gain, high fertility and calving ease.


Access to global gene pool


The selection is based on the global gene pool of the Aberdeen ANGUS breed. We as ANGUS group help you with the selection of reproduction bulls with top genetics; we offer support and consulting in artificial insemination and embryo transfer.