Successful 8th Aberdeen Angus Sale in Germany!



















We would like to thank all visitors and buyers of this year’s Angus Sale in Gundelfingen!



We were again very happy to welcome a large number of Angus friends and buyers from several European countries (Germany, Austria, Scotland, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria a.o).



DM Leo T721, a bull with excellent American genetics, was purchased at the price of 6100 Euro.

DM Beeac T726, an Angus heifer, with Canadian and American bloodlines achieved the highest selling price in its category, 3200 Euro.



This year we were again pleased to welcome so many people interested in Angus genetics. Our focus is the selected, international genetics with bloodlines from Australia, Canada, America, Scottland. Our goal is to meet the market requirements and to satisfy the beef requirements of our end consumers through our genetics.