ANGUS Group – Your system provider for breeding, fattening and trading of Angus cattle

When it comes to breeding, fattening and marketing of Angus cattle then ANGUS Group is your system provider. We support new Angus breeders, but also the already active Angus-breeding farms, in all areas of the value chain – from genetics to trading of the cattle.

We at ANGUS Group are not theoreticians, but experienced practitioners! In the past years, we have built  in Gundelfingen (Germany) and Sibiu (Romania),  in addition to a highly successful international genetics also notable breeding, fattening and trading establishments. The ANGUS Group partners will benefit from the experience gained by us in all these areas.


The ANGUS Group supports you in the following areas:

  • Feasibility study (environment, identification of success factors, infrastructure, business plan, investment calculation etc.)
  • Planning and designing your Angus breeding, fattening and marketing operation
  • Advice and support during the initial phase
  • Advice on genetics and delivery of genetics directly (live animals) or through partners (semen, embryos, etc.)
  • Delivery of Angus cattle to build up your breeding herd
  • Support and advice in all aspects of production of Angus Premium Meat (pastures, feeding, production processes, security, quality assurance, infrastructure, administration, etc.)
  • Identification of trading markets
  • Specialization on breeding and/or fattening: assistance in partner search (eg marketers, slaughterhouses and meat processors with the highest quality standards)
  • transportation, logistics, transfer and marketing
  • Support in place for everyday life



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