Pregnant Angus heifers wanted!












For our customer, we are looking for a truck of pregnant Angus heifers with herdbook (pedigree). Calving until September 2020.



We await your sales offer with interest!












Newsletter 5-2016

European Angus breeders see themselves faced with a problem: There are no uniform breeding standards. „We need international genetic evaluations“, wishes also Bernhard Delle from the ANGUS Group. The company, based in Gundelfingen therefore uses Breedplan. „In all countries where we are active, we are introducing Breedplan. This is a milestone, because it makes genetics comparable.“

Newsletter 4-2015

Feeding efficiency is the key word that will complement the ANGUS Group in the upcoming months. Together with the Regional Office for Agriculture (LFL) in Munich, the ANGUS Group analyses the effects of different grass based feedings on German Angus cattle. The aim of this study is to optimize the effi ciency of fattening results. Highest quality beef at low feeding costs is the slogan. The test with 72 male Angus yearlings has been running since October 2014. The results are expected by the organizers in June this year.

Newsletter 3-2014

Die ANGUS Group bietet ein profitables System für die Zucht, Mast und Vermarktung der Rinderrasse ANGUS. Zu unserem Service gehören die Organisation von Transport, Logistik und Transfer sowie der Handel von Lebendtieren und die Beratung über die Genetik. Unser mittelfristiges Ziel ist der Aufbau eines europaweiten Netzwerks über die gesamte ANGUS – Produktion. Wir sehen in der Rasse ANGUS die Zukunft, neue Märkte zu erschließen. Durch den Fokus auf Weidemast wollen wir Grünlandflächen nachhaltig zur Produktion von Qualitätsrindfleisch nutzen.

Newsletter 2-2013

Since 2010, we are committed to enhancing the dissemination of Aberdeen Angus in Germany and Eastern Europe. The breed is characterized by exceptional properties such as high fertility, fast growth and good meat approach to extensive, expensive fattening, balanced and high carcass marbling. We have developed the Angus breeding system is based on many years of experience in production and marketing side. We are looking for reliable partners to develop the system, the change in their herds on Angus or if you move wider with Angus genetics. 

Newsletter 1-2012

The production of premium beef is our goal – and this throughout Germany with partners within our Angus network. For this reason, we have developed the branded meat program „Certified Angus Beef Germany”, designed after similar programs in Scotland and Ireland – the home countries of the Angus breed.


The demand for native Angus cattle with the current offer is still far from being met. That is why we want to look for partners who are contributing to increase the supply of Angus cattle and who benefit from the growing demand for high quality beef cattle.


As a full service provider, we offer our interested parties our expertise in marketing and mediation of top genetics in the trade of live animals as well as logistics.