Alpenrind is a leading meat processing company located in Traunstein and Salzburg. The company has modern facilities for slaughtering and processing of cattle. The highest quality standards are applied. All the products that are shipped from the company are thoroughly controlled. Thanks to close partnerships with the farmers, the traceability of each animal is guaranteed.



OSI Group


Die OSI Group is a multinational company with local presence. Developed with the OSI Group, ANGUS Group is marketing the Angus hamburgers line, in which 100% of the forequarters are included.





Foodworks Food Works is a specialist in minced meat products. The company has sales offices in more than 13 countries and has direct access to butchers and processors. The company markets the Angus forequarters as minced beef products.



Karpaten Meat


Karpaten Meat produces Angus beef in Romania. With Swiss know-how and tradition in agriculture, livestock breeding and meat processing Karpaten Meat ensures an optimal natural breeding of cattle and a professional beef processing. The premium beef is traded in Romania and Western Europe.



Donaumoos Angus


Donaumoos Angus Donaumoos Angus is one of the pioneers of the Angus breed in Germany. Since 1991, the company breeds Angus cattle. The quality beef was first traded in-house. Together with Angus Group company, Donaumoos Angus developed the branded meat program «Certified Angus Beef Germany».



Niggli Angus


Nigglus Angus Nigglus Angus is an Angus cattle breeder. The Swiss company has been working since 1990 with the Angus breed and has since achieved numerous successes for breeding and show. All cattle are kept in free-range on summer pastures and also in winter with strewn lying areas.



Federal Association of the German Angus holder


The Federal Association of the German Angus holders promotes the unity for breeding the German Angus cattle and takes care of the interests of the German Angus breeders. The tasks of the Association among others is defining the breeding goal for the German Angus Beef, to keep the member companies and national associations on specific breeding, husbandry, management and economic issues informed and to promote research in this field. Also, they organize events which are supported by marketing and PR campaigns.



Swiss Angus


Swiss Angus is the trade association of Swiss Angus breeders. The association continuously developes the excellent qualities of the breed, ensuring a high quality standard of the Angus breed and healthy animals in Switzerland. It also promotes the marketing of the Swiss Angus Beef quality products.



Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society


The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society brings together the interests of the Aberdeen-Angus breeders in Great Britain. Patron of the Society is the UK successor to the throne Prince Charles, himself a devoted Angus breeder. Members but also breeders from other countries receive useful information about Angus breeding but also about the UK market.



Bavaria Genetics


Bavaria Genetics was founded on the 1st of January 2010. It was formed from the merger of the Lower Bavarian insemination cooperative Landshut with the testing and collection center in Munich-Grub. The company buys annually about 100 genomic selected bulls to be held in Bavaria livestock markets or directly from the stable. In addition, bulls from abroad are delivered per purchase.



Highland Stable & Pasture


Highland Stable & Pasture  is the european Partner for stable equipment and fence building with over 20 years of experience. The company, based in Northern Germany, makes not only european deliveries, but also provides professional installation and staff training on Angus farms in order to achieve best results.